All experience endpoints need a workflow?

I’m building a multipage experience using the navigation bootstrap. The page tabs will be used to render different Dashboard pages. I gather I cannot simply reference the endpoint URL of a dashboard page? I need to trigger a workflow and a response node to render the various pages from the navbar, is that correct? Anyone have any examples of this?


Yes, every experience endpoint requires an Experience Endpoint Trigger that ultimately connects to an Experience Endpoint Reply Node to respond to the request. You may build separate experience pages for each request, or you could build conditional logic into a common page to display different information based on the request.

Bear in mind, each experience endpoint doesn’t necessarily require its own workflow to respond to a request. For organizational purposes (and for bootstrapping a new endpoint) we recommend one workflow per endpoint, but you can certainly handle mulitple requests / responses under one cloud workflow. You would just simply build those request / reply nodes on the same workflow stage as your other functionality.