Fleet management & asset search


Hi Folks,

We are using experience pages to provide a basic listing of assets that can be chosen to view various dashboards relating to that asset. Currently I’m using a flat list of assets on panel on each page. We have a customer that would like to deploy 1500-2000 assets so the flat list will quickly become hard to find the asset one is looking for. The customer is wondering what options we may have for organizing the assets into groups and/or providing a search function to quickly find assets by name or a tag.

I’m wondering if there are any best practices from applications with similar fleet management requirements? Would we need to build a custom UX for this purpose or are there any functions in Losant that would make that process easier? For example, one approach I thought of is to great a tag for groups of assets and then use the Input Block to have a drop down selection to choose groups to filter the assets.




There’s a few different approaches to solve this problem based on how you’re currently developing the UI. Is your current solution implemented entirely within a Losant dashboard, or are you rendering your device list using a more custom UI like the one described in the link below?


right, i’m using a UI something like below which uses custom templates and standard dashboards in the content.



I’d recommend doing client-side filtering for 1500-2000 devices. You’d render all devices and then use something like the jQuery filter function to let the user filter it in real-time. jQuery is already available in the bootstrap experience we generate. If you’re new to jQuery or would like some additional details, let me know.


Not up to speed on jquery. Can you send me some info. Also is that something your solutions group has the bandwidth to implement?


I’ll write up a follow-up forum post that covers the filtering. It’ll take a couple of days for me to put it together and post it. It is definitely something our solutions team could implement. I’ll notify them and they’ll reach out to coordinate.


excellent, thank you.