Email user's dashboard out of CPF

Is there a ‘standard’ Losant way to email each user their own Dashboard report out of Losant CPF (either manual trigger button, on conditions, or preferably by time intervals)?

There isn’t anything built into CPF, but we do have a Request Experience Dashboard Report library template that demonstrates this very well - at least the manual request of a report by a user. I would import that into your application and adjust the resources it adds to your existing experience.

As far as doing it on a time interval … This would be a great use case for a Resource Job, except we do not yet allow for iterating over experience users in a Resource Job. Depending on how your tenancy model is structured, you may be able to adapt the template to use a job that iterates over your Experience Groups, which would query its users and send a report to each.

Note that the Dashboard: Send Report API endpoint is limited to one request per minute per dashboard.