Send individual reports (copy of dashboard) to the user who own them

I was wondering if there was an easy way to send individualized reports to the owner of a device.
Pretty much what I’m looking for is a screen cap of the current dashboard emailed to them. I see the API to send dashboard reports but I’m not sure how to make that send to specific users/ get a specific persons dashboard as I don’t see any entry fields to specify the device id or anything like that.

Also, when i do try to generate and send a report with the api it send it with no information.


Hey @Tanner_Williams,

The first thing I recommend reviewing is the Request Dashboard Export library template. This template provides much of the implementation required to send a single dashboard report with the ability to define dashboard context variables.

For sending reports to many users, things get more complicated. We are adding new functionality to Resource Jobs and modifying the dashboard report limits to make this process much easier. These changes should be available in the next release (mid May).

Alright, thanks for the quick reply

@Brandon_Cannaday Another question related to the template you sent me the other day, I have turned it into a resource job and everything seems to be working ok other than the fact that I’m only getting one call back to my email the users endpoint, not sure what would be causing this, if you have any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

I think i have figured out its due to the rate limit on the send report losant api call. I’m not sure what the solution would be since im already on the slowest resource job in-between executions time

In our upcoming release, we are changing the dashboard report limit to work better with resource jobs. We are also adding the ability to iterate over experience users using a resource job. Both of these are specifically designed to help with your exact use case. If possible, I would recommend waiting on these to be released, which should be in approximately 2 weeks.

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