GPS data from experience group instead of device


I am working with the CPF template. I was wondering if it is possible to display the GPS data in a GPS history block that’s coming from a experience group tag instead of a device. This would make more sense than to have to create a ‘shadow’ device holding the same GPS data as the group to simulate a customer location.

Yes; in the block, you can return devices matching an experience group ID using an advanced query.

This will return data for all devices in the group as well as its child groups, assuming the devices also have the GPS attribute / tag you define as the data source.

If you want to render a dynamic group from a context variable, you will need to create a string variable and pass the group ID to the page renderer - probably as a query param or a path param.

You will also want to verify, in the workflow that renders the dashboard page, that the user who is requesting the dashboard for that specific group ID actually should be allowed access to that group. The Group: Verify Node is an easy way to do that.