GPS History Block Select Devices by Experience Group Id

Is it possible to select devices for a GPS History Block using a context variable that is ctx.experienceGroupId-0? I know you can use ctx.exprerienceUserId-0, but I am wondering how to do this with ctx.experienceGroupId-0, as you can with the device table and event list blocks.


Right now, unfortunately no. What I can do is put in a feature request for this functionality. I’ll be sure to let you know if it gets released.

But, you can see all of the query options here:

Alternately is it possible to select devices for a GPS history block using any context variable other than ctx.experienceUserId-0? As example if we added a tag ‘parentGroupName’ to every device that was the name of the device’s parent experience group, then passed an experience group name into the page as a string context variable ctx.experienceGroupName-0, then would it be possible to setup the GPS history map block with a device tag query: parentGroupName={{ctx.experienceGroupName-0}}? I have tried this but the form won’t allow me to enter it as a query.


I think the missing piece here was the Device Tag Context Variable. Then, you should be able to do what you desire.