Experience grouping

I testing the new experience features and I’m struggling a bit.
I have just 2 different devices and depending on the user logged in I want to show a dashboard with data from either on or the other machine. Usergroup is based on a device tag.
I’m not clear on which context attribute I should use for the dashboard and blocks.

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

  1. You need to set up some Experience Groups
  2. Assign your Experience Users to their appropriate group
  3. Associate Devices to the Groups they belong to

Once you’ve done the above, you can set up Experience User Context Variables.

This will allow you to use an experience user in the device query for Dashboard Blocks.

that’s seems to be what I have tried, but the device list assigned for a user still shows the wrong device.

Could you clarify what you mean by “wrong device”?

One thing that could be the case. In the block here:

Are you including other devices besides the context variable?

some additional info.
It seems to work while in dashboard admin, but not in the experience itself.

Oh, that helps.

Are you actually setting the context variable in your dashboard page settings?

That was the missing step.

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ok I got a little further.
But before I try something I want to make sure I’m thinking about it right.
Let’s say I have a dashboard where one block is the “device list block” listing all devices an experience user should have access to.
In the same dashboard I have some gauge blocks showing values coming from an individual device.
Shouldn’t I be able to make a custom url, linked in the device list, that would open the same dashboard, but each individual gauge block would be showing data from the device selected.

Yes, you can do this by mixing Device Context Variables and Experience User Context Variables.

The Experience User Context Variables would power the Device List Block.
The Device Context Variables can power the others.

You should just need to set both of these properly as you see in the image above.

You are thinking about this just right :slight_smile:

OK. I’m getting further.
How can a gauge block show which device the data is coming from?
I thought I could use device name in the block header?

ok, I was able to get the contextvariable name showing up in the block header using the .name identifier.
But I’m having an issue that when the dashboard first loads it’s show the last device I looked at. Can I use the context id for the default item to load?

how can I use the first device in the array of returned devices associated with an experience user, to be the default ctx.device ID? using [0] somewhere?

Hi Lars,

Experience User context variables work similarly to Device Tags, so the list of devices is not accessible within the dashboard. You can learn more about using Experience User context variables here.