Dashboard with experience context variables

I’m testing out the test tool within a dasboard to switch between different experience users, but I do not see anything change. I’m testing with dashboard 5d8bac366cdb3e0006f14ed3

ok, so I think I figured out why it didn’t change.
The dashboard block was using context variable ctx.deviceid-0 instead of ctx.experienceUser-0.
When I changed that I can see data changing. Both users I tested with was only assigned to a group that would show one device.
But for some reason the header of blocks having variable ctx.deviceId-0.name as part of the name, would not change.

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Are you still having issues?

with the ctx.deviceId-0.name variable in the block header, Yes, but that’s maybe because I’m using it incorrectly?

Hi Lars,

Is the ctx.deviceId-0.name variable not resolving to a device name, or is it not updating when you change to a new device (in the context menu)?


It was not updating when I switched user.
But the data in the graph changed.
I ended up removing it from the headers.

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