Invalid context variables for experience page dashboard

Hi there,
I noticed that all the context variables are missing from my experience page dashboards:

And when I try to enter them again:

They are not accepted:

Note that both of those context variables are defined in the dashboard:

Any idea what could be wrong here?

We are working on resolution of this issue and will let you know as soon as we have an update. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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Omg I almost went insane. I thought I was crazy trying to replicate a platform using context and nothing work. Please report when the functionality is repaired.

Edit: I also want to add some information. I have a platform that works like this:



PAGE (its a Dashboard. Notice it doesnt have context variables here)

DASHBOARD (The redirection is )

So long story short, this platform is working properly. But this afternoon i was trying to create a new platform replicating the same schema (this is, using and Endpoint like /deviceDetails/{deviceId} ) but this is not working properly anymore, so the redirection could not be made.

I also tried what Jules made (setting context variable in the PAGE), but it doesnt work.

The only way to surpass the error is using:
Context Variable Name: {{deviceId-0}}
Value: {{request.params.deviceId.value}}

But the problem is that this doesnt work as variable context for any dashboard.

Hope the problem is clear enough. Greetings

This should now be resolved. Hard-refresh your browser to ensure the update is pulled down. You may also need to re-add your context variables on your dashboard. Please let me know if you continue to have issues!

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