FTP Server device


I am having trouble setting up an IoT device.

This device sends data to an FTP server. On device setup, I am asked for ftp server address, port, username, password and path.

I would like to find out what sort of endpoint do I need to setup to receive this data. Is it enough to create a simple webhook and use the webhook url as server address?


FTP is not a protocol that’s directly supported by Losant’s cloud platform. FTP does not provide any encryption, so it’s not a recommended protocol for device-to-cloud communication.

An alternative approach, which would provide encryption between your local network and the cloud would be to use a gateway on the local network as the FTP server. Your device would communicate to the gateway using unencrypted FTP instead of directly to the cloud. The information between the gateway and cloud is then fully encrypted.

This can be done by installing an FTP server and the Losant Edge Agent on a Linux and Docker-capable gateway.

  1. FTP server
  2. Losant Edge Agent

For gateways, we’ve had a lot of success with Lanner and Advantech.

If the same directory is mounted into both containers, the File Watch Trigger can be used to trigger an Edge Workflow whenever a file is uploaded to the FTP server by a device.