Relay of data to AWS

Probably a bit off topic here, but maybe you have some ideas of resources.
I have an application where the device connected to sensors is not allowed to talk directly to any cloud platform. Instead they provide a virtual gateway server on the inside of the firewall and another virtual gateway server of the outside of the firewall, where they initiate the data pulls from the internal one. It sounds like they are doing it currently to other sensor packs where the data ends up in AWS.
So far I don’t know more specifics about their virtual gateway servers , but hopefully it could be a place where we drop in a docker container with your edge agent.

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

The docker container on edge compute approach seems like a good route! If you are using AWS, you could use Lambda to send the data to Losant with a Webhook. If you are using AWS IoT, there are a couple of tutorials that might be beneficial: