Send data from loasant edge agent to mqttserver

Hi ,
How to send data from losant edge agent config.toml to mqttserver?
How to send data from losant edge agent to mqttserver?

Hello @sivasankari_s,

It sounds like you are trying to send data from the Losant Edge Agent to the Losant Platform with MQTT. I will walk you through how to do this below. If I missed something in your question or you are trying to achieve something else, please reply back and let me know.

  1. It sounds like you have installed Docker and the Losant Edge Agent already, if not here are the docs to help you do this.
  2. Once the Losant Edge Agent is installed on your edge compute device, it is recommended to use a toml file that you mentioned when starting and running the Docker Losant Edge Agent container. The toml file is your configuration file for running the Losant Edge Agent. How to configure this toml file and then how to run the Losant Edge Agent docker container using that file is shown here.
  3. Once the Losant Edge Agent is running and it has connected to an Edge Compute Device that you created in the Losant Platform, then you can deploy workflows to the Losant Edge Agent which will allow you to send and receive data via MQTT (the Losant MQTT broker).
  4. Within the Edge Workflows that you deploy to the Losant Edge Agent, two preferred ways to get data to the Losant Platform are by using the Device State Output Node or the MQTT Output Node. The first option, the Device State Output Node allows you to update device attributes which are then sent to Losant using MQTT. The second option, the MQTT Output Node allows you to add data to this node and a topic for that data to be sent on. When using this MQTT Output Node in your Edge Workflow, you need an accompanying MQTT Trigger Node in an Application Workflow to receive that data.

Let me know if you have any other questions or if you were trying to accomplish something else.

Thank you!