[Solved] Connecting from an IoT Gateway



Trying out a hardware gateway where I have an option to use cloud services.
I’m trying to make it connect to Losant.

I see 3 options:

  1. MQTT, but their package is hardcoded to use “Retained messages”, which your platform don’t allow, so I can’t get that to work.
  2. REST, but the only way to authenticate is with a username and password, no place for a token, but maybe that could work.
  3. TCP/IP, not sure if this is supposed to be only within a LAN, since it defaults to use port 55065. I don’t see a way to enter user/password, but instead the option to use TLS and certificates.


Replying to my own issue is kind of sad, but I’m guessing using webhooks might be the easiest option?


Webhooks would work well for option 2 with username and password. You can also create an Experience Endpoint if you want the URL to be more customized (e.g. your own custom domain and SSL certificate).