Plain, Non-Secure REST Interface

i want to connect some very simple devices to Losant, preferably with a simple HTTP-POST request. They don’t support SSL (or any other) encryption. Is there any support for this?

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Our REST interface requires HTTPS. The MQTT endpoint can be used without encryption, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. For situations like this, I recommend using a local gateway - put a more powerful device that can do encryption between your simple device and Losant.

I’d recommend grabbing a Raspberry Pi and installing Nginx on it. The Nginx config would look something like this:

server {
  listen 8080;

  location / {

You can then connect your simple device to your Raspberry Pi on port 8080 and it will proxy all communications, securely, to Losant’s API. A single Raspberry Pi can likely support hundreds or thousands of devices connected to it when used like this.

We are developing an open-source gateway to solve this exact problem, but that won’t help you now. Our gateway is written in Node.js and we’ll be recommending a Raspberry Pi for the gateway device.

Thank you for the quick reply. The point with the mentioned simple devices is, that they are very low-power and cheap, and a lot of them “in the wild”. But i’ll try both options. Thanks, again…

As for low-power, inexpensive, wifi microcontrollers, we’ve had really good success with the ESP8266. It does support TLS encryption. You can pick up the modules for a couple of bucks each.

Thanks again. Problem is, we already have this devices in use and they work with the GPRS network, so local proxying is not an option.

Gotcha. I’d recommend trying the MQTT endpoint. MQTT is less overhead than HTTP anyway. The connect and publish calls require very little data.

We have removed the automatic ssl redirect on the REST endpoint. You can now use that endpoint non-secure (although we don’t recommend it).

At a minimum, please ensure you are authenticating using device-level tokens, that way if your traffic is compromised, they can only masquerade as that single device.

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