FTPS access to file?

Does Losant support FTPS or FTP download of files stored in the Files area? I can access them via a workflow that pushes to my client via MQTT, but I prefer to have the client pull the files on demand instead.


At this time, we don’t support FTP or FTPS. However, could you provide more details about your use case? I can possibly offer some possible workarounds.

We have a request from the client we’re building this device for to add a remote device firmware feature. The method I’m implementing is to send an MQTT command to tell the device to enter update mode, and then it will download firmware via FTPS. A “direct push” of the firmware over MQTT doesn’t seem feasible due to the Unicode encoding increasing the download size and that they may potentially have hundreds or thousands of devices needing update.


Would it be possible to make an HTTP(S) to get the file?

You can read more about the URLS here:

But, it’s comment for devices to send an MQTT command to request firmware and use HTTP(S) to download the file.

OK. It looks like that should be feasible. My modem supports HTTPS.


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