FTP (SFTP) Directory, Delete, Move Functions


Our manufacturing process currently uses an SFTP site to transfer device information (MAC, Serial Number, etc.) to our head office for processing. I can use the Losant FTP Node to read the files on our SFTP site, but I can not do any of the usual file maintenance functions like Delete, Move, or even get a Directory listing. Is there a way to do this type of work from inside Losant that you are aware of (say with a custom function node)?
I realize FTP file transfer is a bit archaic, but that describes our manufacturing process!

Thanks in advance for any insight,

Hi @Stephen_Earthy ,

This isn’t currently possible in an application workflow. I’ll put in a feature request and we will evaluate adding these functions at some point in the future.

If you’re using Edge Compute devices, this might be possible in an Edge workflow, using a Python script invoked via a Run Executable Node. However, I don’t have a proof-on-concept of this to share. If you decide to pursue this route, please let us know what you come up with. Otherwise, we’ll let you know if / when these functions get added to the platform. Thanks for the suggestion!