Node to export payload to pc


I was wondering if there is a feature, such as a workflow node, which can either:

  • export payload to a folder on my pc. That way I can make my Java program look through that folder every few minutes to find new exported files to read.


  • Allow my program to access my Losant devices and retrieve payload data from every few minutes.

The easiest approach will be for your program to request the required data from the Losant API.

To get device data every few minutes, you could use last-value-query or time-series-query.

We don’t yet have a Java client (working on it), but the API is pretty easy to request directly.

Unfortunately it won’t be possible for the workflow to directly write data to a local folder. This is because the logic all runs server-side and browser security won’t allow us to write data like that to the local file system.