HTTP Payload Path to Dashboard

I have create a call to a third party API using the HTTP node in the workflow. I cannot tell if it is working though. I have the results and errors going to a payload path but I cannot see how to access the results of the payload path and particularly how to add the results to a new block on a dashboard.

Can you please help explain where to view and access the payload path from the workflow?

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Would you be able to share a screenshot with me of the issue you are seeing and the HTTP Node configuration you have?

I’m thinking it might be that you aren’t placing the HTTP response on the payload. You can do so by typing in a payload location in the “Response” Field of the HTTP Node configuration, as seen below:

Please let me know if this helps you or if you have any other questions.

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Hi Heath, I actually realized that the call to my API was failing because of how I was trying to access the path of the device values. I have actually fixed that and on the workflow in the debug tab I see now that I am getting results back into the payload path that I had set. Now that I see it is successfully getting there, I still am not sure how to display the results of the API (stored in the payload path) to display in a block on the dashboard.


To display data received from the API, you will need to save data as Device State and Device Attributes.

Then using various Dashboard Blocks, you can access historical device attribute data or live stream device data as it comes in.

A great example of how to set API data as Device State data can be found in the Losant Walkthrough where data is requested from a weather API and saved as device data.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Great thank you. That worked for me.


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