Deeper Dive Webinar Series: Template Library

If you missed the Template Library Deeper Dive Webinar, you can watch the replay here.

If you attended, thanks for joining us. You asked a lot of great questions. Here are the answers:

Q1 : Can I add my own templates to the library that can be used by my own developers?

A1 : All of the templates in the library are hosted on a public GitHub repro ( where you are more than welcome to contribute anything you’ve built.

Pull requests will be reviewed by Losant engineers for approval to ensure quality additions to the library prior to any merging.

No promises, but we’ve been known to reward user contributions in the past in the form of shoutouts and SWAG.

Q2 : How can I change the theme of the template pages and components to match my own branding?

A2 : Once a template is imported into your application, it is completely open for any custom editing or configuration within your app. In the case of importing the Forgot Password template, all the endpoints and workflows are still completely valid for that use cause, but users are free to modify the CSS and HTML of the login pages to reflect their own branding and style choices.

Q3 : Are there plans to add dashboards to the template library?

A3 : Yes, in the case of dashboards where you are going to find more value is in specific advanced use cases of specific dashboard blocks rather than full featured dashboards. For example, the Custom Chart dashboard block, which are based around the VEGA-Lite visualization suite of tools, is fairly complicated but is an incredibly powerful tool for developing custom charts. In the future, a dashboard template with this block will allow developers to have some really advanced data visualization without the need for any custom code work on their end.

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