Deeper Dive Questions: Industrial Equipment Monitoring Application Template

If you missed it, today’s Deeper Dive Webinar was all about the Industrial Equipment Monitoring Application Template. Good news for you: there will be more. So, make sure you register now :slight_smile:

You may find the replay of today’s webinar here:

For the attendees, thank you very much for joining. You asked a lot of great questions. Here are the answers:

Can I create my own template? How would I then allow my current or potential customers to find this template and use it?

Yes, you can. Creating a template is as easy as exporting your application. The export is a collection of files that represents your Losant resources. Once you have an export, you will then be able to share it with your customers to import into their Losant applications. You can see our templates hosted on Github.

Can the simulator be customized? For example, can the payload attributes and tags be modified to simulate different types of edge devices such as Industrial Pump or HVAC?

Yes, it can. Once you import the templates into your application, you have full control over all of the resources. The templates that simulate data will include an Application Workflow that performs the simulation. From within that workflow, you will be able to change the simulation as desired.

Is Kanarra a client of mine with sub-clients or am “I” Kanarra?

Kanarra is an example company we made up to teach you about Losant. The nice thing about the flexibility of Losant is that you can define a Kanarra-like model for your application.

There are some great videos in Course 7 of Losant University that explain these concepts pretty well.

How do you get notes on the workflow canvas?

There is an icon on the top of the Workflow Canvas. You can find out more in the Note docs. Pro Tip: It supports Markdown.

Are there any restrictions on who I can share or sell a template to?

You can share or sell your own templates to anyone you’d like.

Our built-in templates are distributed under the MIT license, which does allow for re-selling and re-distribution:

How does Losant integrate with dashboarding tools like PowerBI?

Power BI has a REST API that could be requested using an HTTP Node within a workflow. When thinking integrations, the answer is the Workflow Engine most of the time.

When will a recording of this be posted? This is a fantastic amount of info but no way I could keep up. Templates are a huge step forward to, so thank you!

It’s live now for you to check out.

I am using an Electric Imp device already on Losant, how can I add this device to this demo?

We have a tutorial on that. You can check that out here: Connecting the Electric Platform to Losant

As always, feel free to ask more questions!