Dashboard mobile/Android display issues

Did a quick search on ‘dashboard mobile display’, but the ‘hits’ didn’t showcased my current/new issues (2) : opening the dashboard between a PC and mobile, mobile/Android 1) ‘sliders’ won’t show value when ‘click’ on top/:point_up_2: finger_over (as opposed to :computer_mouse: mouse_over in PC) and 2) there are ‘lines’ showing around the sliders :arrow_heading_down:

Any thoughts on both issues above? Thanks :red_circle:

Hi @Jose_Cruz,

I agree, this mobile dashboard design does not correlate with the PC dashboard. I have created a ticket with our engineering team for this inconsistency, and will update you as soon as possible with more information on the ticket’s status.

Thanks so much for pointing this out! :red_circle:

Have a great day,

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