Dashboard mobile/Android display issues

Did a quick search on ‘dashboard mobile display’, but the ‘hits’ didn’t showcased my current/new issues (2) : opening the dashboard between a PC and mobile, mobile/Android 1) ‘sliders’ won’t show value when ‘click’ on top/:point_up_2: finger_over (as opposed to :computer_mouse: mouse_over in PC) and 2) there are ‘lines’ showing around the sliders :arrow_heading_down:

Any thoughts on both issues above? Thanks :red_circle:

Hi @Jose_Cruz,

I agree, this mobile dashboard design does not correlate with the PC dashboard. I have created a ticket with our engineering team for this inconsistency, and will update you as soon as possible with more information on the ticket’s status.

Thanks so much for pointing this out! :red_circle:

Have a great day,

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This problem only shows on dev/admin dashboard view, but it’s resolved on the Experience View which is the one that matters so we’re OK. Thanks! :red_circle:

UPDATE 2020-2-26 : The problem is intermittent; on ADBlocker Browser (ABP) for Android it does persists as above; with others such as Samsung Browser or Firefox for Android the ‘boxes’ around the sliders are gone, but the ‘values’ on top of them don’t show always even through an Experience Dashboard view (not Admin Dashboard view). There’s definitely something here to be looked at more deeply by Losant crew FYI. Thanks, :red_circle: