Dashboard view on Mobile

I’m wondering if there is any way to force the PC dashboard view when viewing the dashboard on a smartphone?

When I view the dashboard on my Android Smart Phone the dashboard turns into a single column of blocks and I see no way of forcing it to display the full desktop view like when viewed on an iPad.

I was trying to show my friend the dashboard I had created on my phone the other day because that’s all I had with me and it defaulted to the single column of widgets which was nowhere near as impressive as the normal dashboard view that you get on the PC or iPad screen.

Is there any way to get the full dashboard view on today’s big smartphone screens?

Unfortunately, there is no way to force that setting on dashboards right now - it happens automatically based on the width of the screen (the dashboard collapses to a single column layout when the width is below 768px). To be honest, we did that because on phones (or at least, the phones that we have in the office), the current normal grid dashboard doesn’t look particularly good (and is also difficult actually read the data on).

But this is great feedback! Long term, we are going to work on a better mobile dashboard experience in general, and in the shorter term we will see if there is a way that we can make it easy to disable the switch to the one column view.

Having the option to choose which format you want would be ideal.

Today’s smartphone screens have a crazy high resolution and they keep getting bigger and bigger so I personally prefer the normal desktop view so I can get all the data in a glance vs only 2 - 2.5 variables in the mobile single column view.

Keep up the good work. The dashboards and their flexibility are the best I have come across.

FYI - I figured out how to display the full desktop dashboard on my Android Smart Phone.

In the Android / Chrome & Firefox browsers, there is a options box you can check that says “Request Desktop Site”.

If you check this box and then go your Losant Dashboard it will then display the same as your PC desktop view and it looks just as sharp on my phone although it is a smaller version of it.

I’m very happy to figure this out!

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