Dashboard freeze

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Sometimes when my teammates and I are making changes on a dashboard, something happens and all the screen freezes.
Inspecting the page, we found this div overlaying all the page

Hey @Thiago_Andrey_Zils,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It seems that there is an issue with one of the underlying libraries that we use. Our engineering team is taking a closer look now. I will be sure to follow up with you as soon as we release a fix for this.

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Hey @Heath any updates on that ?

The problem is happening a lot, and that made me lost a lot of codes because i cant save my dashboards blocks.

For those whos having the same problem here’s a tip, use this code on the console of your browser:



I do not have any updates currently. Though, I am interested in the frequency you are seeing this occur. Do you have steps to reproduce this error? Could you walk me through those? Are you seeing the issue when working on specific blocks?

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@Heath they usually happens on custom html blocks, but some of my team mates are noticing on editing workflows as well

That’s right, in recent days this has been happening frequently during workflow development

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+1. For me this happens when I click on the edge on the block where you change the size of that particular block, but not change it. Just a click is enough to freeze the dashboard. For me the only way to recover from this is to refresh the page.

This the class of the element I click on to freeze the whole page : react-resizable-handle react-resizable-handle-se

Thanks, that extra bit was helpful. We have identified a fix and should have it out in our next software release.