Error when cloning dashboards

Error when cloning dashboards


Hi @lucasbtsuchiya,

Would you be able to tell me what block you were attempting to clone when you received this error and what browser you were working in?

Thank you,

All platform blocks.
Browser: Google Chrome.

@lucasbtsuchiya I see the error you are talking about and am investigating now. I will reply when I have more info.

We are working on a fix and expect it to be part of our next software release. The issue stems from the high number of dashboards you as a user has access to across all of your member organizations.

I can think of two workarounds until we have the fix in place:

  1. If there is another member of your organization who is not a member of all the same organizations you are in, that user should be able to clone the block for you as the bug will not affect them.
  2. The clone block modal, behind the scenes uses the REST API to create the block cloning behavior as follows:
    1. Fetch the dashboard that contains the block you wish to clone (the “source”) using dashboard.get.
    2. In the blocks array in the response, find the block object you wish clone and save it to a local variable.
    3. Fetch the dashboard into which you wish to clone the block (the “destination”) using dashboard.get.
    4. Save the destination dashboard’s blocks array as a local variable and then push the cloning block into the array.
    5. Update the destination dashboard using dashboard.patch and including only the blocks property, with the updated array, in the request body.