[Solved] Duplicate Block


Similar to the clone dashboard feature, it would be great to have a “duplicate block” feature. Would save a lot of time creating multiple similar indicators/gauges for different devices.
Happy Friday!


That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve submitted it as a feature request.

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+1 for this feature request

any updates since it was made?


Hey @tom, this has been implemented. If you edit an existing block, there is now a “Clone” button in the footer that will make a copy of the current block.


ahh i was looking for it in the Options wheel, cool, I am about to build a pretty repetitive dashboard, glad to know it is there!


you guys are shredding through the backlog ah? I think you have the fastest release schedule in the IoT Platform industry =)


I think that menu would be a good spot for it as well (I’ve looked there too before remembering where it was). We’ll noodle on that.