Feature Requests


Really digging the platform! I have lots of ideas, some of which are probably ill-advised, but here they are nonetheless. Since no one has started a feature request thread yet, I’m going out on a limb - might be nice to have a single topic for these.

  • Workflow cloning
  • Workflow templates / marketplace / sharing
  • Better debug output pane - perhaps along the bottom with toggle switch.
  • Autocomplete template tags from payload data


Awesome feedback! I captured them as feature requests. Most of these can be done pretty quickly. Thanks!

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Workflow cloning has been released today (along with a bunch of other stuff). Thanks for the suggestion!



More features:

  • A way to make a dashboard public
  • A way to share a dashboard with specific people


Brad, we’re definitely looking at the possibility of making dashboards public. And are working on making them accessible to a certain set of people. I don’t have any timelines on either. We’re deciding what’s the best method for public dashboards, there are a number of security concerns we have and want to make sure any solution implemented does not affect security.



One of the features that I think would be really helpful is, if after setting the virtual device in the “Device” field in the workflow canvas, the “Attribute Name” field in the State section of the device would have a drop-down of already defined states, and auto-suggest state names when typing them in.



This is a great idea. Definitely would make life a bit easier.



We just released an update today that fixes this. Thanks Maxwell!

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