Dashboard change wont stick

I’m trying to change the default resolution to 1 minute of temperature in dashboard 5dbb013a1ba3f50006258c72 but the change wont stick.
Next time I come back in it’s back to 10 sec

Are you referring to changing the resolution within the block configuration screen, or within the dropdown menu in the top right corner when viewing the block within a dashboard (screenshot attached)?

In the case of the former, I have not been able to recreate the issue you’re referring to yet. If you can provide any additional steps or other information, that might help me get to the bottom of the problem.

If the latter, that setting only pertains to the current session viewing the dashboard; it does not change the dashboard’s default configuration.

within the individual block config screen

What’s weird is that I just tried this again, and it worked.

Good to hear! Let us know if you experience it again and if you have any steps to recreate the problem.