Toggle Switch Auto-Update

Hey all,

I have gotten a lot of work done on my Reptile Cage Automation project the past few days. I’ve gone from errors galore to actively reporting my information. One last thing I am stuck on is getting my Toggle Switch’s on the input control block to actively update based on Boolean values I am passing into Losant. The block does not update unless I go to edit the block and update it. Below is a picture of my toggle switch setup data:

And proof the data is going into Losant as Boolean:


Tank 1 Solenoid should switch to off (Reporting as ‘false’) when the RH reaches higher than 80%. While testing, I can blow on the sensor to simulate the misting and in reality, the relay does open as it should. The block does not update to reflect that though. SS below to show the current Sensor 1 humidity and the toggle switches position:

I am unsure if these should automatically update, but I would assume so with a dynamic value selected.

We actually talk about this in the docs, but I think we can make it a bit more clearer.

When the block is “locked” (the lock/unlock option in the block settings menu), each of the controls that has a dynamic default set will update with a new value every time the dashboard refreshes. - Docs

When the block is “Unlocked” the values won’t change (even if the state is recorded). This avoids the user experience where values are changing as the use is editing ( which could result in undesired outcomes). To help, the values will update when the block is “Locked”.

You can find a lot more info in the docs on this block too: