Dashboard Inpot control - using Button trigger

I was able to configure an input button block in my Electric Imp dashboard, tied to a button from a workflow,but for some reason the button is greyed out and has a “no parking” symbol showing.

Can you please paste a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

By default, input controls are “locked”. You can unlock them using the menu on the top-right of the block. You can also change the default locked state at the bottom of the block’s configuration page. The lock state has two purposes:

  1. When a control is marked as “Dynamic” its value is tied to a device attribute. When they’re locked, they are updating their value from the device. When unlocked, they are no longer being updated and you can change them manually.
  2. Locking provides a measure to prevent accidental button clicks. The user has to explicitly unlock the block in order to invoke the button.

Our documentation on locked vs. unlocked can be found here: