Input Control dynamic values not updating properly

I have a Device List within a dashboard with each device link invoking the same dashboard with device specific context.

The dashboard (couple dozen blocks) displays properly for the specific device context EXCEPT the Input Control dynamic values. Only after I do a manual browser reload of the entire dashboard page do the Input Control dynamic values display properly for the specific device. Until I do that, it is either displaying the defaults or (worse) the values from the previously displayed device but with the correctly displayed device name in the header (pulled from the context).

I am also seeing spaces being injected at the front of dynamic control string values.

I did a quick test attempting to reproduce the scenario you described above, and I was unable to reproduce your issue. One thought - when this occurs, is the Input Control block locked or unlocked? Dynamic defaults only update when the block is locked, to keep the dashboard from overwriting any values that you might be trying to edit as things refresh.

Hi Michael

The Input Control is unlocked.

Locked or not, should not the fields be displaying correctly when I invoke the dashboard for a specific device context? As I described, the entire dashboard is displaying the correct device context EXCEPT the Input Control block. I have the block title displaying correct device name, but the data is from the previously displayed device-context. Only on manual page refresh does it straighten itself out.

Also question … what is the point of a locked control if I am unable to edit the fields?

Reminder … this all all rooted as a workaround to set a dynamic control value from a device tag.


So the dashboard intentionally never changes the values of any input controls when the block is unlocked, as we describe in the documentation. This is because when the control is unlocked, you could have changed the values manually, and so changing them out from underneath you could be unexpected.

The point of locked vs. unlocked is two fold - one, to distinguish between when values on the input controls are being set by Losant vs. being set by you, and two, to prevent accidental clicks or changes. You can read more about the reasoning in the above documentation link.

You do not need to manually refresh the page for the data to be dynamically populated again - you just need to lock the controls again.

That would explain the behavior I am seeing. Though IMO very odd from the perspective of the rest of the dashboard. I had read the docs several times … no joy.

I switched over to locked and did note the lock/unlock capability in the block drop down. That gets me where I need to be until Losant adds the “set dynamic value from tag” fix.

Thanks much.