Dashboard toggle boolean button not refreshing correctly with dynamic value

Help►Now that I’m correctly sending ‘boolean’ attributes from dashboard (not strings), even though data shows last value recorded the dashboard ‘toggle’ button doesn’t reflect it:

Only after a second ‘set’ press with a second ‘1’ value does it, then, the toggle button reflects the correct value :

Any thoughts? Thanks :red_circle:

Hi @Jose_Cruz!

This is due to your block being unlocked :slight_smile:

Controls with dynamic defaults cease to update with dashboard data refreshes. (Dynamic default indicators in the control labels will disappear to indicate this.) This holds true until the block is put back into “Locked Mode”. - Input Control Block Documentation

Overall, this is to protect users while they are making changes.

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UPDATE/EDITED, @anaptfox never mind - I got mixed up with the locked/unlocked (I had their understanding ‘reversed’ in my head) aspect as well as login to the dashboard for dev vs user. Is all good now, thanks for the heads up! :red_circle: