[SOLVED] Toggle Input Dynamic Default Value


For a toggle input on a dashboard, is it possible to dynamically set the default value based on a recent device attribute value? For example, a water valve in the open position would set the toggle condition to True. A user can then close the valve by setting the toggle to the False position. A subsequent user who opens the dashboard sees the toggle reflecting the current status of the valve (would also need to be able to label the two toggle positions).



We’re covering this same topic in a separate forum post here -

This is becoming a common request so we’re looking into how best to implement this. Getting this functionality in place will take major changes to the current input controls block. We’ll keep you posted.


[SOLVED] How to set default values for Input controls from an exisiting device

Oh, ok! Sorry, I should have dug around. Add me to the request list :slight_smile:



@Bob_Gelety At last, we’ve released the “state-reflecting input controls” feature! You can read more about it here -