[SOLVED] Input controls even as output?

I really like the new input controls that lets me e.g. switch on the heating pump in my vacation house.
However if I turn on the heating pum manually, I would have to create a indicator block to see the actual state of the heating pump relay.
It would be much more convenient to be able to set the state of a control e.g. a toggle control to reflect the actual state of the device’s senors / activators. In other words - Input/output controls!!

Great suggestion! We’ve been thinking about how best to handle this; it gets a little hairy since input controls can fire a workflow OR send commands to multiple devices at once, and in those cases, how do we determine an input’s state since different devices can be in different states?

We’re noodling on this and will let you know when we have a solution in place.

@Geir_andersen this feature is finally live! You can now reflect the state of your devices in your input controls. More info is available here -