Time Series Graph for Forecasted data

Is there any way to show Forecast data in time series graph in losant dashboard? For example, i want to show the weather prediction for the next 3 day alongside the actual weather data.


You can in a way …

Losant does allow recording of future state, but only 24 hours into the future. On top of that, dashboards will only return data for the present and timestamps in the past, so even if you recorded the predictions as values with future timestamps, you would not be able to visualize the values there.

What you could do instead is store the predictions on separate attributes; for example, “temp” would record the current temperature and “tempIn72Hours” would record the predicted temperature for 3 days from now, though the timestamp on the data would be for the present.

You could then put together some dashboard blocks to visualize this how you’d like.

good idea :+1: thanks