[Solved] No data showing up on graph



I can see data coming in through a debg node and through the application log, but still nothing shows up on a Time series Graph. Not sure what to do next, since it was working an hour ago…


Hi Lars,

Can you send over more information, like the application id and the dashboard id and which block is not working? Screen shots are always great too, because they will help other Losant users if they are seeing the same issue.



Never mind, I found the problem. Not a Losant issue.


Hey @Lars_Andersson, would you mind giving a little background on what happened? It might be helpful to someone else who runs into the same issue!


Timestamp was delivered from device, since the timestamp in the log showed as Unix timestamp I didn’t pay attention to when the timestamp was from. The timestamp was from over an hour ago, so thats why it didn’t show,