The "Device Class" and "Last Updated" columns in the Devices menu try to auto-adjust and constantly shake

Good morning, I am writing to report a bug that is quite annoying in the Devices menu. The last two columns, next to the three dots button try to auto-adjust themselves if the window I am working with is maximized, which makes it very annoying to look at the columns, and if I want to do something with a device (clone it, delete it) it is difficult to hit the button.

The problem is solved if the window is not maximized, but it is tedious to constantly maximize and minimize the window because of this bug.

I attach a video where you can see the problem (although in the video the columns auto-adjust much less than in reality because the video has not captured all the frames in which this auto-adjustment occurs.

I also wanted to say that this error has come up in different screen sizes (I have tried in 5 different sizes) and also with different browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox).

Thanks, best regards.

Devices - Losant y 8 páginas más - Trabajo_ Microsoft_ Edge 2021-11-05 10-33-36

(in this image, since the window is not maximized, the columns stays static)

Thanks for the report and the video. As for the operating system, this appears to be in Windows, correct?

I’ll forward this on to our engineering team for fixing. Hopefully we can get it resolved in our next platform release.

Yeah, Windows 10. Thanks for your quickly response.