Temperature Predictor with Elipsa and Losant


Recently I came across this blog post and was wondering if I could make a simple temperature predictor for my Losant demonstration that I use. I already have a couple of months worth of temperature data in my Losant application but I am not sure what my excel file that goes into Elipsa’s model (video) should look like. Can someone help me with this?

So in short, I want to use my temperature data that I have in my Losant application with Elipsa to create a predictor that would then be a part of my dashboard.


My suggestion would be to create a new application using the Elipsa Predictive Maintenance application template.

In this template, under the Simulator workflow, you’ll see how a .csv file can be parsed to supply data, which is then visualized on the dashboard.

You can copy elements from this application over to another existing application, or keep it segregated if you prefer.

Please let me know if you have any questions!