Ingest weather data from outside sources

Greetings. Glanced over some posts, couldn’t find the exact question - if this has been dealt with before, apologies : is there a way to ingest outside weather report data (say, hourly temp, humd, dewp, bar, forecast ie. sunny, cloudy, rain etc) for a specific geographic region from, say, NOAA or similar into Losant and save as an ‘attribute’ to a sensor? Basically, we don’t have our own weather station/sensors/monitors yet, so we want to cheat until we do… :smile: :red_circle:

What you are asking for is actually the “Welcome to Losant” walkthrough tutorial:

We also have a Weather Station application template that packages much of that up. You can start a new application from this template, hone it for your specific needs, and then export that application and import it into the application where you are actually using it.

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Excellent, thanks! :red_circle: UPDATE: We just tested it, this is pretty amazing and awesome! This is EXACTLY what we were looking for, as always - Thanks again! :red_circle:

As an added suggestion, I think it would be good to update Losant’s Walkthrough doc to explain, in order to get the provided imperial units, one must add the request to the API call:

Just a thought, :red_circle: