[Solved] White Label Dashboard Options

I’m building a product that sends operating status info to Losant to be databased and displayed on a custom dashboard.

Ideally, I just planned on embedding the custom dashboard into and custom Wordpress site with a password protected area where the product owners can log in and see the status of their products. This gives me the most flexibility as far as how the Wordpress website looks.

Is there a way to embed just the dashboard and not the header and footer parts into a 3rd party site?

I do not have a need for the bars pictured below on the product website. I just need the complete dashboard in between the header and footer.

I know I can embed each tile individually but that’s not ideal.

What options does Losant have for accomplishing something like this where we just want our customers to be able to log into a web portal to view the status of their products.

Any help is appreciated!


We don’t have the ability to embed an entire dashboard, but it’s not a bad idea. We’ve got some upcoming additions to our Experience functionality that will enable a lot of what you’re looking for, but that doesn’t help you today.

Currently you’ll have to embed each block individually. Alternatively you can use an Experience Endpoint to build a custom API to retrieve the data you’d like to display. You’d then use your favorite graphing library to render the data directly on your own site.

Thanks for the reply.

Do you have a white label option where customers could log in with an email and password to view just their dashboard?

Also, do you have an ETA for the Experience upcoming additions?

We do offer whitelabels and user logins to view specific dashboards, however it is an enterprise-only feature. I can connect you with our head of sales to start that conversation if you’d like.

The enterprise version of the dashboard publishing is being replaced with Experience Dashboards. I don’t have an exact ETA, but likely in the next few months.

What exactly will the Experience Dashboards be compared to your current offering?

Do you have any info on what we can expect from Experience Dashboards and it’s featured?

I’m not in a super big rush so waiting a few months is not a problem just would like more info on what to expect in the near future if possible.

Experience Dashboards provide a login form that allows your Experience Users to login and view one or more dashboards that you have explicitly published to them. They will work very similarly to our current offering. Experience Dashboards will be more powerful because of the group management - you could publish a dashboard to a group of users. With the release of Experience Dashboards, we will be deprecating the current offering, which is called “Solutions”.

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Does that mean the top footer and bottom footer will still be there the same as they are now when you view a publicly shared dashboard?

Honestly what I would love to have is the ability to embed the whole dashboard instead of just the individual tiles.

My goal was to just make a universal dashboard for our product and then clone that dashboard and change the Context Variable ID to the specific product ID for that client’s product and then embedd it to our custom website.

So here is the workflow I was hoping for when creating a new dashboard for a new customer.

  1. Clone a Dashboard Template for a specific product.

  2. Change the Context Variable ID which is the Particle Photon or Electron Device ID so the dashboard is only updated with data coming from that specific device.

  3. Embed the whole dashboard into our custom Wordpress website with individual password protected accounts.

This setup would provide ultimate flexibility on my end since I have total control over my WordPress website and what the customer sees before and after getting to the embedded dashboard.

Is allowing a full dashboard iFrame embed code something you guys are open to doing in the future?

Your halfway there with the ability to embed the individual tiles.

Yes, the first release of experience dashboards will look identical to current dashboards - header/footer included. The primary purpose of the feature is to control who has access to them via Experience users and groups.

You’re honestly the first to ask for the feature. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but it’s not currently prioritized. There are some related features that have been asked for, specifically around running a dashboard on kiosks. Making a full dashboard embeddable could potentially solve both issues. We’ll noodle on it internally to see if this is a direction we ultimately want to go, and if so, when it could get released.

Thanks for the clarification on that.

Full dashboard embedding is something all the other platforms I have tried offer. You guys are the first I have seen to offer single widget embedding though.

I understand you offer the ability to make your dashboard public so others can view it but it’s hard to embed the whole website into a custom client website without it looking weird due to the extra headers and footers being in the mix.

Maybe embedding the individual widgets into a client website is easier than I’m assuming it is.

All my clients will have the same dashboard just being fed with data from only devices they own. I’ll have to look at the embed HTML to see what parts would need to be changed to feed that dashboard with data from devices that they own.

I assume maybe there will be a variable in the embed code where I can specify the {{ctx.ClientDeviceId}} so the dashboard only shows relevant data for them? Haven’t gotten there yet but was hoping I could just embed the whole dashboard with a simple copy and paste.

Any recommendations or ideas? Still in the early stages of this but I’m sold on Losant as our backend IOT hub.

Received the Losant T-Shirts today! Thanks Team! Appericate it!

Dashboard context variables can be passed into blocks when they are embedded. If you have context variables defined, the variable will be added to the embed code so you should be able to easily see where those are provided.

I created the ticket for the dev team for full-dashboard embedding.


Sounds like full dashboard embedding is on the way and for now, individual widget embedding is doable with a little more effort.

Appreciate the great support!

We just released embeddable dashboards, which should resolve your issue! The upcoming Experience features mentioned are still in development, but for your purposes, it sounds like an embedded dashboard will do for now.

Thanks for the feature request!

You guys are AWESOME! :slight_smile:

This was exactly what I was needing to make Losant easy to integrate into our password protected client portal site.


Keep up the great work!

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This does sound interesting, however I’m also curious as to what the Whitelabel option looks like & how it works is there some documentation on it anywhere?

Whitelabels are available as part of an enterprise license. If you’d like to chat with our team about it, please reach out using our schedule demo form!

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This is exactly what I am looking to achieve as soon as I figure out the in’s and out’s of Losant. I was sent over by @RWB. Being a rookie at all this its going to take a little time to figure out.
So far I am able to create a data table, and a Gauge Block, but for some reason I can’t get a time series graph to populate. Gotta read more threads and keep trying.

My goal is to have Dashboard for each client that shows the current data (Flow Rate of The Sensor) Along with 30 days worth of measurements. I publish data once per min from the Particle Electron.

Hey @Thomas_Cunningham! This is a pretty old post, and we’ve since published Experience Views, which makes it much easier to build completely branded user experiences. It’s also very easy to publish a dashboard to your users inside a custom header and footer with your own logo and style.

Here are some helpful docs about it:

  1. https://docs.losant.com/experiences/walkthrough/views/overview/
  2. Display a list of devices based on experience user group

Here’s a nice blog article on getting Particle and Losant integrated if you’d like more details there:

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Thank you Brandon
I will bookmark it and come back to it as soon as I get my time graphs to show up correctly. I need to read more tutorials. :joy: