Experience User Dashboards


I’ve been working a few days on creating a dashboard for a connected product that we are making based on Particle.io hardware, and just realized that what I was hoping to do isn’t currently possible.

My hope was to create a simple website that handles logins and subscriptions on our end, and then creates a matching Experience user and displays an embedded dashboard for that user.

However, I just realized Experience users don’t have access to dashboards. I read a post that said you are working on this though, so I was wondering if this is going to fit my use case when it’s available, specifically:

  • Will I be able to authenticate as an experience user and embed a full contextualized dashboard for them?
  • If so, will it be possible to embed widgets for an authenticated user in the same fashion?
  • Will experience user dashboards be available at all pricing tiers?


Your timing couldn’t be better. In just a couple of weeks we’ll be releasing a major update to Experiences that do provide what you’re asking for. It includes publishing dashboards and completely custom pages directly to Experience Users.

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Sweet - with custom pages as well, I might even get out of our own webpage “wrapper”… :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting.

How does this differ from me using a Wordpress website with a WPClient secure client login portal that gives each user a custom password protected backend user page where I plan on embedding the Losant dashboard for their particular product.

For my use, I believe the difference would be the ability to filter devices so that I can make a single context-aware dashboard, and simply filter devices on the logged in Experience User.

For your example, you would need to build a separate dashboard for each user with an individual password to make sure people could not see eachothers dashboards.

Your way sounds like a better method for people or clients who have multiple devices under one account.

I’m doing it my way because I’m not a professional web designer and the Wordpress plugin was easy to setup and use.

How much work is it to integrate the Losant Experiences into a Wordpress site? Or what all is involved conceptually when doing it your way?

Losant Experience Views are intended to be used to build entire web pages. If you’d like to integrate a Losant Experience into Wordpress, the best approach would likely be an iFrame (similar to how you were going to embed an entire dashboard).

That sounds easy to embed.

So currently this is not available to look over but will be in a few weeks correct?

We’re on track to release this week or potentially first thing next week.


Appreciate the constant updates to the platform!

I’ll keep an eye out for the Blog update announcing this feature.

Experience dashboards have arrived! You can read more about the feature here.

We’ve also written a lot of documentation on setting up experience views, including a detailed walkthrough and instructions on configuring dashboard pages.

Thanks, Losant Team!

I looked over it all and loaded the template. Looks nice, still, need to work on learning more about the Bootstrap coding methods since it’s new.

Thanks for the link on setting up the Dashboard pages, I didn’t see that in the Experience Views walkthrough but maybe I missed it. If it’s not in that walkthrough then you should add it since it’s important.

I can see the benefits of this feature.

So the current slug is “Soemthing.onlosant.com

How do we go about making that custom?

Thanks for the feedback. We have a couple extended steps we’re adding to the walkthrough next week, with a dashboard page being one of them.

As for custom domains, that feature is coming very soon - probably the next 30 days, but no later than year’s end. And we will support SSL certificates on the domains so you can secure your custom domains just like the current sub domains are.