Managing Losant users - Best Practice?

Hi guys,

We’re using Losant experience users, groups, and pages to manage access to our Losant application. This scheme works moderately well, but we’re stuck with how to secure dashboards.

Typically we develop a dashboard and then wrap it in an experience view. But we can’t make the dashboard private since this makes it inaccessible to our experience users.

How do we make a dashboard private and also permit access to experience users. NB. I’m aware that private dashboards work with Losant organization users, but we need our users to be per application not per organization.

Any dashboard - public, private or password protected - is available to your experience users when rendered in an experience page. The only exceptions to this are a couple blocks - the application list block and the dashboard list block - which also do not render on public dashboards.

Are you unable to render a private dashboard at an experience endpoint? I just tried it and can confirm it’s working as expected.

Sorry for the late reply.

We’ve tried private dashboards with experience users but have had inconsistent / unpredictable results. They seem to work as long as there is one organization user logged into losant. But if all the organization users log out, the dashboards appear to be inaccessible from the experience views.

I tested the scenario you described and dashboard pages are working as expected - they are rendering for experience users regardless of whether any Losant organization members are signed in.

Are you by chance using the dashboard embed code inside of a custom experience page instead of creating a dashboard experience page tied to the dashboard in question? That’s the only explanation I can come up with that would make sense given your explanation.

Yes, we’re using the copy-and-paste embed dashboard code in our experience pages. Can you explain the interaction between private dashboards and embedding dashboards.

The dashboard embed code that you’re using is meant for users who want to display a full Losant dashboard on a third-party website (not an experience view). To use that code, the dashboard must be public.

But to use a dashboard in an experience page, the dashboard can remain private and all of its blocks will be visible to your experience users. That is why we recommend that approach.

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