Public Access to Dashboard List Block (of Public Dashboards)



I have added a dashboard list block to a public dashboard I made. All the dashboards in the list are public too, yet someone not logged in still gets the “Unavailable publicly” message.

Can you edit this block to be public if all the boards listed in it are also public?

I was hoping this block could serve as navigation for any multi-screen monitoring solution.


Thanks for the feature request. Seems like a reasonable request. I’ve submitted it as a ticket and we’ll investigate how to best support it.


Just bumping this topic as I’m running up against this right now.
Can this feature be added?


March 2019. Issue seems to be unsolved. I am running a test evaluation and dashboard list is unavailable even if a user logged in.


Hello @Alexander_Kondrov,

It could be that, though you are logged in to Losant, you are viewing a dashboard that you do not own. This will give the same view as if you were not logged in. No changes have been made on this front for a user that is not logged in, but I will pass this along to our dev team and keep you updated in the future if this functionality does become available.



Hi Julia,

Thank you for your reply.

For your reference. I create a dashboard, add a few blocks including Dashboard List, create a page for user experience using that dashboard. When users logs in, all blocks are visible and works, but not Dashboard List: Unavailable You do not have permission to view this block.


Hi @Alexander_Kondrov,

I see what you mean. Unfortunately, the Dashboard List Block will never work in experience pages. The block produces links to Losant Dashboards. Since this page is shown to Experience Users, not Losant Users, those dashboards wouldn’t work for those users. I can help clarify this difference if needed.

I would approach this problem in a different way. I would expose each dashboard through Experience Endpoints and render Dashboard Pages. Then, provide your users with a list of pages that render the dashboard.

Let me know if you have any questions, happy to provide more info.


Hi Taron,

It’s clear now. I will use Dashboard List only for Losant users then and experience endpoints for switching between dashboards for experience users.