Ability to show/hide blocks based on context

I would like to be able to show/hide blocks on my dashboard based on some attribute from my context (in my case, its related to the experienceUser). In my use case, I wanted to show a list of timeline graphs for each of a group of devices in a sort of “stack block” that displays all of them, but if there is a device that meet certain conditions (the experience user is not allowed to view it, or there is a tag on the device) I want to hide such block from my dashboard.

I asked for help before here:

But, as stated on that topic, this is currently not an available feature, and I think it would be useful to have this in the future.

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Noted, thanks for the suggestion. You’re not the first to ask for this feature.

Whether to show or hide a block based on the evaluation of an expression - based on the Experience User viewing the dashboard or the presence of a given device attribute - for example - isn’t terribly difficult. The hard part is, what happens to the rest of the dashboard layout when a block in the middle of it suddenly isn’t there anymore? And how does Losant allow you, the dashboard developer, to dictate what those layout(s) should be when certain blocks are hidden? There’s a lot of user experience challenges there that we haven’t figured out yet.

That said, we will throw some brainpower at this and see if we can come up with an experience that makes sense for our users.

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I’d second that request. Simple example might be a control block which you only want displayed for certain users (or certain device-types) without creating entire duplicate (except for the missing block) dashboards.

Also, the blocks already have some dynamic ordering based on view port size.