Optional block in dashboard

Hello, I wanted to know if there is a way to set a dashboard block to be optional. For example, I have some blocks I have set up on a stack, and I want to only show these blocks when they have data allowed to the experience user. These are just a list of timeseries, which I want to be able to hide or not render if the device associated is not part of the groups the user is allowed to view.

Is there a way to have these blocks as a “stack” of blocks that would not show if the devices of each block is from a group that the user cannot see? Or do I have to make custom dashboards for each group?

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There is currently no way to show/hide dashboard blocks. So, at the moment, you will have to create different dashboards for your various user roles. This is a good idea though. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you!

I do think it would be helpful for many applications. Is there maybe a way to display a block within a custom HTML block? I was thinking I could try to implement a similar thing with a custom block, but I do not want to have to create my own timeline graph when there is already a block for that on losant.

With a Custom HTML block, you can probably change what you display based on the user viewing it, but you will not be able to hide the block itself. It would just be empty space or whatever “access denied” message you show. It would be a fairly complicated implementation. Likely easier to just create multiple dashboards.