[Solved] Updating Edge agent on Balena device

What are the proper steps to update the Edge agents docker container on a device managed by Balena?


Updating the Edge Agent is as easy as updating the docker image; you can find information on updating the Losant Edge Agent on this forum post.

Since you are using Balena, and they are managing the docker container, the update will be done using their software. Documentation on doing so can be found here.


Had some problems with this and started from scratch. When getting the new docker image and “Option” :Latest, it still pulled 1.4.0.

Should I replace latest with 1.5.0 or 1.5. ?
Initially I used “latest-arm” for this Pi

I have confirmed that latest does correctly represent 1.5.0.

However, I would recommend as a best practice to explicitly define the version. This prevents your fleet from diverging if you deploy before and after an update since latest could represent different versions.