Registering Edge Device

Hello all,

I am trying to register my raspberry pi 3b+ for edge computing running on Raspian, the walkthrough I saw in the losant documentation is for Ubuntu, is there any walkthrough for Raspian?



Hello @Sunday_Ajiroghene!

We have plans to update the docs and make that better. But, here are the steps to installing the Edge Agent.

  1. Install Docker. We have a great article on that here:
  1. Pull the Edge Agent Image. Here is the command to do so:
sudo docker pull losant/edge-agent

Depnding on your environment sudo may or may not be needed

  1. After you’ve installed Docker and pulled the agent. The rest of your instructions are here:

Many thanks for this.

Meanwhile, I already have moby installed on raspberry pi, would this create a conflict adding this docker?

Well, Docker is assembled from components that are packaged by the Moby project.

There should not be any conflicts here. If you see something, let us know and we’ll trying to point you to the right place.

Ok, Thanks.

Update later.


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