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I’m going through the “Deploying edge with” and got as far as getting the OS loaded on my Pi, and it shows up in the Balena device dashboard, but I’m a bit confused on how to load the losane edge agen. Do I just enter the device console and executo docker commands, or do I need to set up docker first?


You generally don’t have to interface directly with Docker when using Balena ( You will have to create a Dockerfile and then use git to push that to the repo that Balena created for you. I might recommending going through Balena’s entire getting started guide, which does include detailed steps for that process.

Their getting started guide is deploying a custom node app, which involves more steps than are required to deploy the Edge Agent, but it’s good info to have.

Since we already provide a Docker image for the Edge Agent, the entire Dockerfile you deploy using Balena is this:

FROM losant/edge-agent:latest-arm
EXPOSE 8080/tcp

This is essentially creating a new Docker image from our existing Edge Agent image. It then exposes port 8080 so you can interface with the webserver that’s built into the Edge Agent (this is optional).