Current Edge Agent version not being show on the plataform


I have some workflows deployed on a edge device. The “Edge Compute” tab show a Edge Agent version that is not the one currently installed on the device.

How can I change the current edge agent version that is being shown for the one deployed on the device?


I’ve change the agent version on the workflows (v1.43.1), but the workflow is not being deployed.

Hey @Jeronimo_Acker_D_Orn,

Every time the Edge Agent connects to the platform, it reports its current version. That’s what’s being displayed on the Edge Compute tab. To confirm the version you’re running, you can inspect the logs for the edge agent by using the docker logs command. You should see something like this:

2024-02-08T18:21:47.744Z [info] Agent Starting...
2024-02-08T18:21:47.750Z [info] Agent Version: 1.43.2

I recommend first checking the logs to ensure the agent version is what you expect. If you still see a difference, we can investigate further.

Thanks for the quick answer,


docker logs

The below agent version is shown


The next thing to check is the Device Communication Log when the Edge Agent initially connects. Let’s make sure the version is reaching the platform. With the device properties page open in Losant, can you restart the Docker container? This will cause the agent to reconnect and it will display its version in the log. Here’s a screenshot for my gateway:

I restarted the device, but the logs did not show the running Edge Agent version.

Only the following logs were shown:

  • Authentication succeded

  • Edge connection message with the plataform

  • The reported state of the device

Is there another way of getting the edge agent version from the device logs?

Not receiving the agent’s hello message is unexpected. The next thing to do is increase the edge agent’s log level to verbose to see that it is indeed sending that message.

If you’re using environment variables:


If you’re using a config file:

level = 'verbose'

We’re then looking for this log entry after restarting the edge agent container:

2024-02-08T19:03:13.268Z [verbose] Sending Agent System Message
  "topic": "losant/65c51f8586e9264782597506/fromAgent/hello",
  "payload": {"service": "edgeWorkflowAgent", "version": "1.43.2"}

This message is published immediately after connecting to the broker.

Seems that even if changing the edge agent’s log level to verbose the GEA version still is not being shown on the Device Log.

I came across with this message after running docker logs

Might be that the flows are not being loaded correctly and because of that the current edge agent version is not shown?

Hey @Jeronimo_Acker_D_Orn,

The last line of the logs in the screenshot you posted, “No gateway configuration provided, booting without connecting to mqtts…” means that this docker container is not connecting to the broker, which means that it is not sending the hello message that @Brandon_Cannaday is referencing.

If the edge agent you are looking at in the UI is connected, then you are looking at the wrong docker container. If it is no longer connected, I would double check your docker command and ensure you are passing in the DEVICE_ID as an environment variable or check your configuration file.