[Solved] Font size too large for dashboard block


I have a dashboard block with a semi-long bit of text and the text isn’t fitting inside properly.

Here’s a screenshot

Thanks so much!



Font sizes relative to container sizes and the length of the text are tricky, but I’m going to take a crack at adding some rules that may solve this case. I’ll keep you posted.

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Has this been fixed? I just loaded my dashboard and my widget looks great! :smiley:



You discovered the fix before we could tell you about it! Yes, we pushed an update out that (partially) addresses your problem. We’re still not scaling indicator and gauge block fonts based on the length of the text, but the blocks are now scrollable and they start the text at the top of the block instead of halfway down.

Read more here:

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Boo yah! Many thanks!



@Dylan_Schuster is there an overflow: auto; style set for the URL dashboard block? I added a URL block and it looks like it might be the only kind that has that?



Assuming you mean the External Website block when you say “URL dashboard block”, then yes, there is an overflow: auto property on the block body. Since we have no idea what content exists at the URL entered by users, we feel it best to allow scrolling in the x or y direction. Do you have a use case where this is posing a problem?



Yep, that’s what I meant. Sorry, I was being clear as mud.

I wouldn’t say it’s posing a problem so much as for my case I’d like to remove the overflow: auto to make the block look like any other block. I adjusted the background color and font of my HTML to match the other dark widgets. :slight_smile: