Indicator Block Change of Behaviour

Hi guys,

Has anything changed on the dashboard indicator blocks?

We have pre-built dashboards in service, however now a scroll bar has appeared on many of them, with no changes in scaling from our side.

We did make a minor change to the CSS that dictates how margins are applied to text elements in those blocks, as well as word-break behavior. But those changes were actually put in place to reduce the appearance of scrollbars.

Can you provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing and describe any other changes as to what was there before? And if it’s a public dashboard, can you please provide a link?

Thanks Dylan,

Here is what I’ve got in place:


My default label is:

# **{{format (multiply value-0 ctx.deviceId-0.tags.redactedtaglabel.[0]) '0.0f'}}**

#### Current Level ({{ctx.deviceId-0.tags.redactedtaglabel2.[0]}})

Thanks for sharing; I see what you mean. I hadn’t taken the use of header tags in the Markdown into account.

I’m going to make another tweak to that block style to make those go away. I should hopefully have that out by the end of the day. I will keep you posted.

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@ChrisGM We just pushed out a fix for this; your dashboard blocks should be back to their pre-scrollbar state. Thanks for pointing this case out to us.

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